Schlagwort: enlightened

  • Happy New Year from Ingress Austria Enlightened

    Happy New Year from +Ingress Austria – Enlightened with operation ‚last but not least‘! 🙂 On Dec. 29th Enlightened agents from Austria, Slovakia and Hungary achieved to build a Megafield with nearly 15 million MUs – right in the Middle of Europe, defying borders, cold temperatures and some last minute problems.

  • Ingress: Social gaming neu definiert!  

    „Social gaming“ war für mich immer ein dubioses Schlagwort, aber die folgenden Bilder zeigen sehr gut was Google bei Ingress nicht nur anders. sonder vor allem besser gemacht hat: Ursprünglich gepostet von +Ryan Hickman: It was a weekend full of #Ingress  action with a huge number of #resistance  faction members. +Damon Kohler probably set a record…